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Digital Habit Lab (Original)

Digital Habit Lab (Original)

Stop reading about better digital habits and start practising them with this unique deck of 56 experiments.

✅ Free up precious time
✅ Feel less stressed
✅ Deepen your relationships
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How does the Digital Habit Lab work?

Watch our Kickstarter video below(we hit our goal in under 36 hours back in '22!) where Mind over Tech founder Jonathan Garner explains what the Digital Habit Lab is, how it works, and why intentional digital habits are vital to your professional career.

"I have loved being challenged by the cards. They are designed to keep around as a reminder and also to share with others in weekly team challenges and meetings."

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley
Global Head of Health & Wellbeing
Ocado Group

Designed for habit change

Habit change is hard. Digital habit change is particularly hard. Our relationship with technology is complex as digital interactions are embedded in our daily lives. It is unrealistic to stop using our devices entirely.

The digital habit deck has been developed from evidence-based scientific research and is based on James Clear's four laws of habit change:

Law 1: Make it Obvious

Flip off the lid of your deck to create a portable lab that you can set up wherever you are to act as a visual inspiration and reminder. The magnet in the lid means you can move it around easily as you go about your day.

Law 2: Make it Attractive

Each experiment is beautifully illustrated by artist Dick Hogg, bringing Bird and Rat to life as they guide you on your journey. Each card is laid out with simple bitesize instructions, and you can use the special starter kit cards to get you started.

Law 3: Make it Easy

The experiments are colour coded based on different areas of your digital life, so finding the right experiment for the right situation is easy. Learn and follow the Mind over Tech M.O.R.E. methodology to make long term habit change easier.

Law 4: Make it Satisfying

Use the included tracker card and sticker sheet to create satisfying moments of completion at the end of each experiment. Complete the tracker over time as you learn what digital habits work best for you.

"I have loved being challenged by how I can re-think the way I use and interact with my technology. The cards are designed in a way that I can keep a reminder around but also share with others on my team in weekly team challenges and meetings."

Christopher Burr

Philosopher of Cognitive Science and AI

The Turing Institute